How To Choose The Charity Denver Prefers

With all the recent publicity about frauds and scams in some charities, it can be difficult to discern which charities are legitimate and which aren’t. There are several Denver charities which are listed in Charity Navigator and which are known to be legitimate organizations doing good work. There is no single charity Denver residents seem to prefer, so which one you choose will depend on your own requirements.

If you are ready to start giving back to your community, there are some things you should consider. First, when you are checking into charities in Denver, verify they are legitimate organizations before you donate. To do this you should check online to see if they are a 501c3 organization. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or penalties against the charity. Next, ask family and friends if they have given to the organization. Also, check for online reviews of the charity and then call them and ask about their mission and how they use donations they receive.

Another good place to verify a charity is Guidestar or Charity Navigator. These are both online sites where legitimate charities post their tax returns and other information that helps donors decide where to donate.

It is important to discover exactly what the non-profit has accomplished. Most charities will produce an annual report and many will post these online. Some will also make their financial statements public and reviewing these can help you determine how the charity spends its money, including donations.

There are also some personal questions to answer before selecting a Denver charity. First, is the charity’s mission something you believe in? Are you willing to help with just money or can you also volunteer some time?

When you are looking for the charity Denver supports, take the time to do your research. Find a charity you believe in and where you believe your donation will be put to best use.

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