Dr. Don Parsons is the Community Health Charities Hero of the year

DENVER – The 9Health Fair impacts hundreds of thousands of lives every year and helps families from all over Colorado own their health.

But behind those numbers is a team of people working hard to make it happen from doctors, to the staff, to volunteers and the board members.

One of those members is a man who has dedicated his life to helping others.

Meet Dr. Don Parsons, this year’s Community Health Charities Hero of the year.

The definition of a hero is a person who’s admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

A definition that fits Dr. Parsons perfectly.

He was a general surgeon for 20 years.

He worked in Honduras to provide basic prenatal care to expecting mothers and he was in the peace corps.

He was President of the Colorado chapter of the American Cancer Society and served on the American Lung Association, and public health association for many years… just to name a few.

And he’s been involved with the 9Health Fair for more than 20 years.

Dr. Parsons has worked to make healthcare better not only for the people of Colorado but he’s worked with lawmakers in Washington to make significant change in health care throughout the country.

Melanie Zeitler knew what Dr. Parsons does is special and that’s why she sent in the nomination.

“Well first of all, I believe in community health charities as an organization. They do amazing work throughout Colorado… but Don in particular because over his long, successful career he has just given back and given back and given back,” says Zeitler.

And despite the name on the award, this community hero, Dr. Don Parson is adamant it’s an award for everyone on the board….

“Anytime an award of this sort is given out to an individual, it really is given to a community, a team, a family, a group that has made a difference in the world. I extend my congrats to you as well,” says Dr. Parsons.

The award will be given out Friday morning at the Community Health Charities’ 7th Annual Breakfast, which our 9NEWS Morning Anchor Corey Rose is emceeing.

To learn more: www.healthcharities.org

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